The manhamanha, inspired by "The muppet show". Done in approx 5 days, without rendering.
Software : Lightwave - Sasquatch

Low res.

Hi res.




This project started long ago (about one year) but due to my personal hardware (a PII 350), it will keep going in progress on the animation and modelisation sides
Software : Lightwave - Motion designer - Premiere - Combustion
some wire and motion designer test (realwave don't like my pc).




And here some are searchs for Partizan Midi-Minuit (internal projects, R&D) since 2000.




This is an internal work in progress from Partizan midi minuit. I'm in charge of rats and guitarist modeling, (including morph targets), caracters set-up, some background modeling, animation, lip-synch.

Director : Aurélien Delpoux